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(Italics indicates a Jung family member worked in this brewery but didn't have majority ownership)
- Jung Brewing Co (Cincinnati)
- Philipp Best Brewing (MKE)
- Union Brewery (MKE)
- Island City Brewery (Menasha)
- Jung & Borchert (MKE)
- Falk, Jung, & Borchert (MKE)
- Jung Brewing Co (MKE)
- Independent Brewing Co (MKE)
- Milwaukee Brewing Co (MKE)
- [Unknown] (Fond du Lac)
- Star Brewing - (Lomira)
- Hamm Brewing - (Random Lake)
- Jung Beverage Co (Random Lake)
- Jung Products Co (Random Lake)
- Jung Brewing Co (Random Lake)
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After migrating to the United States, the Jung families were involved in many breweries.  There are four primary Jung brewing families.  Daniel Jung (Cincinnati), Philipp Jung (Milwaukee), William Jung, Sr. (Milwaukee), and William Jung, Jr (Random Lake).  Although they each founded their own breweries, they were also involved in other various breweries.  See the family history links for details on each person's brewery employment and affiliations.

Explore the history of each of the individual breweries using the links to the right.

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Jung Brewing Co (Cincinnati)
Daniel Jung and family
Philipp Best Brewing (MKE)
Philipp Jung was the superintendent of the brewery from 1876 - 1879
Empire Brewery located at 900 Chestnut; South Side Brewery located at Oregon near 2nd.
Island City Brewery (Menasha)
George Habermehl and his son-in-law Robert/Rupert Mueller purchased and operated this brewery from 1879-1882 when R Mueller left. George continued to operate this brewery until 1888.   (It's likely that Mr. Mueller operated a brewery in Spokane Washington.)
- Union Brewery (MKE)
According to the City Directory, William Jung Sr. worked as a brewer in the Union Brewery in 1880. (However, the Milwaukee City Directory does not list an address or information for 'Union Brewery'.)
Jung & Borchert (MKE)
After Philipp Jung left Best Brewing, he went into partnership with Ernst Borchert. Brewing and bottling. By 1883, William Jung, Sr. was the foreman.
1880: 101-123 Ogden, Milwaukee
1881: 101-128 Ogden
1885: 101-128 Ogden; Bottlers at 690-694 Broadway
Falk, Jung, & Borchert (MKE)
In 1889, Jung & Borchert merged with the Falk Brewery. After two fires, this business was purchased by Pabst. Ernst Borchert and Frank Falk become principles in Pabst. Jung is restricted from brewing for 4 years.
Mukwanago Rd
E S branch, Broadway, s.e. cor. Ogden Ave.
Western Malting Company
Jung goes into the malting business in 1894 and organizes the Western Malting Company in 1895
1894-1895: 312 Sherman
1896: 5th n.w. corner Cherry
Jung Brewing Co (MKE)
Philipp Jung purchases the Obermann brewery at 5th and Cherry. Gustav Becherer is VP, Frank J.R. Aiple (his son-in-law who owned and operated the Northwestern Brewery on 734 to 802 S Main St in Stillwater, MN) is secretary and treasurer.  In 1901, Gustav and Frank are replaced. Philipp Sr is Pres and VPres; Philipp Jr. is Sec and Treasurer. In 1902, Philipp Jr. becomes VP and Adolph Jung becomes Sec/Treasurer
502 Cherry
Milwaukee Brewing Co (MKE)
William Jung, Sr. is listed as the VP and Superintendent between 1894-1897
Independent Brewing Co (MKE)
In 1901 and 1902, William Jung is listed as the VP for the Independent Brewing Company
[Unknown] (Fond du Lac)
William Jung, Sr. was working as a brewer in a brewery in Fond du Lac according to his Dec 1883 Winnebego County marriage record.
Star Brewing - (Lomira)
William Jung, Jr. worked in the Star Brewery in Lomira before he moved to Random Lake.
Hamm Brewing - (Random Lake)
William Jung, Jr. worked for the Hamm family before prohibition when Charles Hamm was called and died in WWI. He continued on during prohibition and purchased the brewery renaming it Jung Beverage Co.
Jung Beverage Co (Random Lake)
William Jung, Jr owned and operated the Jung Beverage Co during prohibition. (In addition to sodas, there is evidence that the brewery produced beer and allegedly sold to Chicago gangs.)
Jung Products Co (Random Lake)
This name was used around 1933 (perhaps during prohibition as well)
Jung Brewing Co (Random Lake)
Jung Brewing Company operated from 1933 until 1958. William Jung, Jr. died in 1947. After that, the brewery continued to be operated by his family (widow Leona Jung, and children - Dorothy Fell, William Jung IV, Virginia (Ginnie) Burmesch, Carl Jung, and Hugo Jung) until 1952 when the brewery was sold to Mike Sitzberger.
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