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- People
- Best, Anna
- Besch, Leona
- Fink, Louisa
- Habermehl, Emma
- Habermehl, George
- Heaney, Edward
- Jung, Adolph (1879-1880)
- Jung, Adolph (1880-?)
- Jung, Annie
- Jung, Carl
- Jung, Daniel, Jr.
- Jung, Daniel, Sr.
- Jung, Ernst
- Jung, Helen
- Jung, Hugo (1896-1900)
- Jung, Hugo (1930-1984)
- Jung, Joyce
- Jung, Otto
- Jung, Philipp, Jr.
- Jung, Philipp, Sr.
- Jung, William, I.
- Jung, William, II.
- Jung, William G, III.
- Jung, William, IV.
- Mueller, Robert
- Planer, Margaret
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There are three main branches of the Jung Brewing Family. It's likely that these family are related, however more genealogy work needs to be done to prove it.

Brewing Patriarchs:
  • Daniel Jung, Sr.
Lived in Cincinnati
  • Philipp Jung, Sr.
Lived in Milwaukee. Married Anna Best from the Best brewing family. Worked for Best brewery before entering the business for himself. (Son Philipp continued the Jung Brewing Company in Milwaukee unitl Prohibition - selling assets to Blatz and Pabst.)

  • George Habermehl
Lived in Menasha. Married Louisa Fink. Purchased and ran the Island City Brewery in Menasha with Mueller. (Mueller married daugher and moved his family to Washington state to start a brewery.) Daughter Emma married William Jung II.

  • William Jung, II
Lived in Milwaukee. While working at a brewery in Fond du Lac, he married Emma Habermehl (whose father owned the Island City Brewery) in Menasha. Also worked for the various Philipp Jung's breweries before joing with three others to form the Milwaukee Independent Brewing Company.

  • William Jung G, III
Born in Milwaukee, lived in Milwaukee, Lomira, Random Lake. Attended the Handke's Brewer's School from October 1909 until graduating in April 1910. Married Margaret Planer (her father was a cooper) and later Leona Besch (who worked as the family house keeper and later in the brewery). Worked for Star Brewery in Lomira before operating then purchasing the Hamm Brewery in Random Lake.

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